stop pumping gas through "Nord Stream-1" For 3 days from the start of repair work

Data from the companies that oversee the operation of the German Opal and Neil gas pipelines indicate that the supply of gas from Russia to Europe was completely stopped for three days.

According to available information, the repair of the only remaining gas compressor unit at the Portovaya station and the physical flow of gas through Nord Stream-1 at the reception point in Greifswald began exactly at 04:00 on Wednesday. , Moscow time.

Earlier, the Russian Gazprom announced that it would stop pumping gas from Russia to Europe through the Nord Stream 1 gas pipeline for three days due to the need to maintain a large pumping station on the pipeline.

According to Gazprom’s notice, gas pumping will stop from 04:00 Moscow time on August 31, 2022 until the same hour on September 3, 2022.

Source: agencies

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