Stoltenberg: We are closely following Sino-Russian relations

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg stressed at the Munich Conference that Western officials are “closely following” bilateral relations between China and Russia, recalling the global consequences of the war in Ukraine.

“We are closely following the growing and strengthening relationship between China and Russia. They work together, conduct exercises together, organize maritime and air patrols together,” he said.

“The war in Ukraine shows that security is not regional, but global,” he said on the sidelines of the Munich Conference on Global Security.

The three-day conference, which is held annually in Munich and is dedicated to international security issues, is attended by more than 150 government representatives, including Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi, who is due to leave for Moscow after a European tour.

Stoltenberg emphasized that “what happens in Europe is important for Asia, and what happens in Asia is important for Europe.”

He said: “We know that Beijing is closely following the war in Ukraine, because if President Putin wins there, it will affect the calculations and decisions made in Beijing.”

He added: “When authoritarian forces come together and work more together, it is very important that the advocates of democracy and freedom come together in NATO and with our partners around the world.”

Wang Yi met with French President Emmanuel Macron and French Foreign Minister Catherine Colonna in Paris.

One of the French president’s advisers said he was “encouraged” by the French to “send messages” so that “Russia would return to the negotiating table” and “stop bombing” civilians.

Source: AFP.

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