Stoltenberg announces NATO’s adoption of a new military planning concept and sets a date for Finland and Sweden to join the alliance.

The NATO Secretary General said that the defense ministers of the member states agreed at a meeting in Brussels today, Wednesday, on a new concept of the alliance’s military planning, taking into account the threat from China.

Stoltenberg said at a press conference held after the meeting: “The Allies have agreed on a new defense planning concept for NATO. This reflects the new reality that we live in a more dangerous world (characterized by) aggressive Russian behavior and the threat of terrorism and challenges from China.”

Stoltenberg indicated that NATO will work to strengthen the protection of underwater infrastructure after the sabotage operations against the Nord Stream oil pipeline in the Baltic Sea, and said that a coordination center will be established at NATO headquarters to protect underwater infrastructure.

On the issue of Finland and Sweden joining NATO, Stoltenberg said that they should receive membership by next autumn, given that they have met all of Turkey’s conditions. He pointed out that among the 30 member states of the alliance, only Turkey and Hungary did not agree to join Finland and Sweden.

NATO defense ministers also agreed to expand military assistance to Georgia and Moldova, as well as Bosnia and Herzegovina, whom he called vulnerable partners, Stoltenberg said.

He stated that the NATO countries, as a matter of priority, began to increase the production of 155-mm artillery shells for Ukraine, and the defense ministers agreed to work intensively with the military-industrial complex to increase the production of ammunition.

Stoltenberg said a decision on a new increase in NATO military spending would be taken at the Vilnius summit next July, stressing that NATO countries should consider 2% of GDP as the minimum for their military spending, not the maximum, as this is the case. still.

Source: agencies

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