Starfield’s Early Access Launch Surpasses PlayStation Exclusives on Steam: Impressive Player Numbers Revealed

Starfield’s Early Access Launch Exceeds PlayStation Exclusives on Steam

On September 1, 2023, the highly anticipated game Starfield made its debut on Steam, surpassing the number of players of any PlayStation exclusive previously released on the platform.

Impressive Player Numbers on Steam

A report from Rectifygaming reveals that Starfield reached a peak of 234,502 concurrent players on Steam. Comparatively, when combining the peak concurrent players of PlayStation games, the total comes to 233,018.

A Successful Launch for Starfield

This data clearly demonstrates the immense success of Starfield’s Early Access launch, as it was able to attract a significant player base on Steam, despite its seemingly higher price of around 100 euros.

It’s worth noting that the regular version of Starfield will also be released on Xbox Series X|S and PC (including Steam) starting on September 6.

Gravity Wave Ability: A Familiar Element

Moreover, fans have discovered that the gravity wave ability in Starfield bears a striking resemblance to Fus Ro Dah from Bethesda’s previous hit game, Skyrim.

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