St. Petersburg International Economic Forum Generates Contracts and Deals Worth $46 Billion

Today, Saturday, the last day of its 26th edition, the organizers of the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum summed up the most important results of this major economic event, in which the UAE took part as a guest of honor.

Anton Kobyakov, Adviser to the President of the Russian Federation, Executive Secretary of the Organizing Committee of the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum, said at a press conference held today, on Saturday, that following the results of the forum, more than 900 transactions and contracts were concluded this year, with a value of about 3.860 trillion rubles (about 46 billion dollars).

It is noteworthy that this year 43 agreements were concluded with representatives of foreign companies, including companies from Italy and Spain (unfriendly countries), and, according to him, 17,000 participants from 130 countries and 150 companies took part in the 26th forum. from 25 unfriendly countries.

The Russian official noted that this year’s forum was characterized by the presence of a new engine of growth, as the forum became the center of development. He noted that representatives of the United Arab Emirates and Algeria took an active part in the forum, as the presidents of the two countries attended a major economic event.

Regarding the economic situation in Russia, Kobyakov said that inflation in Russia is at a low level, as is unemployment, while the Russian currency did not fall to 200 rubles, as leaders in the West expected, which indicates the failure of Western policy. weaken the Russian economy and isolate it politically.

The forum was held from June 14 to 17, 2023 and discussed the main economic issues and challenges facing Russia, emerging markets and the world as a whole.

The forum is an effective platform for the exchange of views and experience between politicians, officials and representatives of the business sector from around the world, as it is held on the road, taking into account the rules of health prevention using modern digital technologies.

(1 dollar = 84 rubles as of June 17, 2023)

Source: RT

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