Spotify Launches Songwriter Promo Cards to Help Songwriters Stand Out and Gain Recognition

Spotify Launches “Songwriter Promo Cards” to Help Songwriters Stand Out

Spotify has unveiled a new promotional tool called “Songwriter Promo Cards,” designed to showcase songs by songwriters and connect them with potential listeners and collaborators.

Songwriter Promo Cards are customizable social media assets that can be created on By searching for their name, songwriters can select their profile and choose a background color that matches their aesthetic. The promo card is then linked directly to the songwriter’s Spotify page and can be easily shared on various social media platforms.

The best part? Creating a promo card doesn’t require a login, so anyone can make one. This means fans now have a new and exciting way to share and celebrate their favorite songwriters.

In addition to these new promo cards, Spotify announced that each Songwriter Page will feature a brand new playlist called “Written By.” This curated selection allows listeners to effortlessly discover all the songs written by a particular songwriter.

The introduction of Promo Cards in 2020 came as a response to changes in music marketing, with artists leveraging social media to promote their albums and grow their fanbases. This valuable feature is also available for podcasters and authors.

There has been widespread concern that songwriters often do not receive enough recognition for their work. In fact, earlier this year, well-known songwriters Emily Warren and Justin Tranter signed an open letter demanding better treatment within the industry. With the release of Spotify’s Promo Cards, songwriters finally have a new platform to advertise themselves and, hopefully, gain the credit they truly deserve.

“Since the introduction of Songwriter Pages in 2020, we’ve seen Spotify users delve deeper into the creators behind their favorite songs,” stated a blog post published by the music streaming service. “We’re continuously evolving how your music is discovered, appreciated, and enjoyed worldwide.”

Spotify also revealed that since publicly displaying song credits in 2018, there has been an increase in labels and distributors properly crediting songwriters on new releases. The company further emphasized that many labels, publishers, management companies, music supervisors, and artists rely on Spotify as a platform to discover talented songwriters.

The launch of Songwriter Promo Cards coincides with the release of another new tool called “Showcase.” This feature enables artists to directly promote their songs through the Home feed, allowing for even greater visibility and reach.

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