"SPIEGEL"Lithuania considers the position of the European Commission on Kaliningrad a defeat

The Spiegel magazine reported that the European Commission will soon publish clarifications on the issue of transportation to the Kaliningrad region from the regions of Russia that Moscow has the right to use the transit of all goods.

The magazine, citing its sources, said that the European Commission will indicate in the document that Russia can transfer sanctioned goods to Kaliningrad only in the amount that was transported before the start of the military operation in Ukraine. Thus, Brussels intends to prevent Moscow from exporting such products to other countries through Kaliningrad. Meanwhile, the European Commission in recent years will be guided by the Lithuanian customs documents.

And the magazine continued: “Lithuania regarded this decision as a defeat.” “We have not changed our position,” the publication quotes the words of a Lithuanian official. He expressed his country’s anger, in particular, at Germany’s position, and said: “The German side has been putting pressure on the European Commission since June 18 to exclude Kaliningrad from sanctions.”

According to him, the question in Lithuania is whether the German troops stationed in the country will defend it in the event of a conflict with Russia or will be withdrawn.

Source: TASS

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