"SPIEGEL"Confiscation of 130,000 euros, jewelry and weapons from those accused of attempting a coup d’état in Germany

The German magazine Der Spiegel reported that intelligence agencies confiscated 130,000 euros from a group of far-right extremists accused of organizing a coup d’état, gold and silver jewelry, and firearms and white weapons.

According to the magazine, pistols, knives, a sword, stun guns, hats and night vision devices were found.

The magazine pointed out that the members of the group, until the last moment, sought to enlist the support of representatives of law enforcement agencies and the army. The last meeting with the participants in the conspiracy took place on November 10 in northern Germany.

The German prosecutor’s office announced that it had prevented a coup attempt in the country, and the security services arrested 25 out of 50 suspects in what became one of the largest operations in German history.

Source: TASS

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