Spherical catastrophe.. death of the goalkeeper after repulsing a penalty!

Finkel Sport’s Belgian goalkeeper Arne Espel died on the pitch where he died after saving a penalty in an impressive scene at the age of 25.

Arne Aspel saved a penalty to get his team ahead of Wchteroshbek in their match last Saturday in the Belgian Amateur Football League.

Belgian media reported that Asbel suddenly fell to the ground seconds after the penalty was saved, to the astonishment of everyone in the stadium.

Ambulances rushed to the guard, trying to save him with electric shocks, but he died after being taken to the hospital.

And the Finkel Sport club released a statement saying it is in deep mourning over the sudden death of Arne Espel, expressing condolences to his family and friends over the painful accident.

Stefan Deverschen, Finkel Sport’s assistant coach, revealed the scenes of the late goalkeeper’s death in statements published by the British Daily Mail newspaper.

The coach said: “The ball was still in play and the goalkeeper was running as fast as he could to get the ball, but he went down quickly.”

He added: “It was terrible when the message came that our goalkeeper had died, we were disappointed, I think some players still don’t understand what happened.”

More than 1,000 people attended Isbel’s funeral on Monday night, according to local press reports.

Source: media

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