"speculation problem".. subtract 15 points from "elderly woman" in the Italian league

The Italian Football Association announced on Friday that an appeals court judge has decided to deduct 15 points from Juventus’ Italian league balance as a result of a “speculation case” and the club’s capital gains violations.

Italian prosecutors have demanded a reopening of the investigation with Juventus and eight other clubs in the case of illegal capital gains, and all clubs were acquitted on charges of financial gain, so Juventus were no longer Bianconeri.

Fabio Paratici, Tottenham’s current sporting director and former Juventus, has been suspended for two and a half years over the affair, in addition to the two-year suspension of former club president Andrea Agnelli, as well as Maurizio Arrivabene, former CEO at two years. Federico Cherubini, former board member for a year and 4 months, and finally stopping the Czech Republic. Pavel Nedved, former vice president for 8 months.

Juventus, the old lady, has the right to appeal the decision within the next few hours and try to reduce the number of points deducted or remove the penalty altogether if the court deems it legal.

Juventus finished third in the Calcio league table with 15 points, falling back to tenth in the rankings and out of the qualification positions for the Champions League and European role.

Source: agencies

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