Spanish newspaper: Washington and Europe are exhausting themselves by blackmailing Russia and strengthening countries "Brix" their economies

The Spanish newspaper Rebelión confirmed that the BRICS countries are promoting development and economic integration programs among themselves, while the US and the EU are exhausting themselves by blackmailing Russia.

“While the United States and the European Union exhaust themselves with blackmail, euphemistically called “sanctions” against Russia and other countries that do not follow the dictates of Washington, the BRICS countries are moving forward with programs of development, economic integration and trade that benefit their members. ”, — wrote Hidelberto Lopez Blanche.

The journalist highly appreciated the BRICS summit held in June and noted that the summit showed the intensification of contacts between Russian companies and BRICS partners, which was especially evident in the negotiations on opening a network of Indian stores in Moscow and increasing the share of Chinese cars and equipment in the market, noting that Russian oil exports to China and India have increased significantly.

Source: RT

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