Spanish court decides "legal saga" against Neymar

A legal battle with Paris Saint-Germain player Neymar has come to an end after Spanish prosecutors dropped charges of fraud against him.

Prosecutors are seeking a two-year prison sentence and a €10 million fine for Neymar in a case brought by Brazilian investment company DAS, which alleges it was cheated in a player transfer deal between Santos and Barcelona in 2013.

The trial of Brazilian star Neymar ended on Monday, days after a major transformation in the 2013 transfer of the current Paris Saint-Germain player from Santos to Barcelona as a result of a prosecutor’s investigation. On Friday, the decision to drop the fraud charges against him.

The case is still open to trial in Barcelona, ​​where the Brazilian sports investment company DIS has continued to prosecute the case, although prosecutors have dropped the charges.

The lawsuit is the culmination of a years-long legal saga and Neymar is one of nine people involved in the fraud case, including his parents and their company N&N, which handles the Brazilian player.

Investigators launched an investigation into the transfer deal following a complaint filed in 2015 by DAS, which owned 40% of the sporting rights under the player’s contract while he was at Santos.

The company alleges that there was collusion between Neymar, Barcelona and the Brazilian club to cover up the true cost of his transfer deal with the club, and was thus subject to financial fraud.

Spanish prosecutors were seeking a two-year prison sentence for Neymar and a €10 million fine for the 30-year-old, but in a dramatic turn of events on Friday, the prosecutor said he had dropped all criminal charges against Neymar. defendants on the grounds that there is insufficient evidence to support the commission of the crime.

Prosecutors moved forward with the case after agreeing with DAS’s allegations that they had been defrauded during this transaction, but then saw that the allegations were not based on evidence but on “speculation” and concluded that the case was a civil matter . and not criminal.

While the trial phase came to an end on Monday, a final decision could take several weeks.

Source: AFP

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