Spain’s Prime Minister cautions against dominance of right-wing in the country

Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez warned on Wednesday that the far right would soon take control of the country.

In his first public appearance since he announced an early general election on Monday, he said Spaniards have a choice between the status quo and right-wing extremists when they vote at the end of July.

Sanchez delivered his speech to a meeting of socialist deputies, according to the local newspaper Mestny.

He added that the right wing, which won Sunday’s local and regional elections, wants to stop investing in renewable energy, destroying the environment, reversing social progress and cutting health and safety benefits.

He added: “The far right has won and Spain is facing huge problems,” noting that he needed clarification as to whether the Spaniards wanted the Social Democratic Party or parties of the far right.

On Sunday, Sanchez called for an early general election on July 23, a surprise move after his ruling party, the Spanish Socialist Workers, suffered several setbacks in local elections.

According to the same source, Spain’s local and regional elections witnessed right-wing trends and made the opposition right-wing People’s Party “the main political force” in the country.

In the municipal vote, the People’s Party received 31.5% of the vote, compared to 28.2% for the Socialists.

Spain’s regional governments have broad powers and budgetary powers in matters of education, health, housing and the police.

Source: agencies

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