Spain.. Woman dressed as a doctor kidnapped a baby

Spanish police said on Thursday they had arrested a woman in the northern Basque region who disguised herself as a doctor and abducted a child who was found “in good health” hours later.

A spokesman for the regional police said the 24-year-old woman “was arrested around 11:15 (08:45 GMT) in another area of ​​the city”, noting that she rang the doorbell of an apartment in one of Bilbao’s districts. leaving the baby and running away.

Regional security official Joso Erkureka confirmed that the woman was wearing “a white jacket normally reserved for doctors” when she entered the maternity ward at Basurto Hospital in Bilbao on Wednesday around 21:00 (19:00 GMT), where she kidnapped the child.

He pointed out that “everything suggests that this woman tried to kidnap several children.”

“The woman entered several rooms where the mothers were and unsuccessfully tried to do the same,” he added.

And the Spanish media quotes residents of the area where the child was found and where the woman also lives, who say that shortly before the abduction she was pregnant and even bought a stroller.

Source: AFP.

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