Spain: 10 injured as train stops near wildfire

Spanish authorities announced that a wildfire approaching the east of the country forced the train to stop and prepare to change destination to avoid the fire, injuring 10 passengers who got off the train while it waited.

The train was traveling through the Valencia region on Tuesday evening when the driver decided to change course due to forest fires coming from behind the town of Behes, some distance to the east.

Officials said some passengers got off the train as it came to a halt in the countryside, including those who broke windows to escape, while Spanish news agency Efe said 10 people were injured.

On Wednesday, the Castellón County government released a video showing firefighters fleeing as flames from the Baige fire rise behind them.

This fire is one of the wildfires still raging in eastern Spain.

In the south of Valencia, a fire around the Val d’Ebo region burned 11,500 hectares (28,000 acres) and forced more than 1,500 people to evacuate towns and villages from the weekend.

District emergency services tweeted on Wednesday afternoon that nearly ten thousand hectares (25,000 acres) had been burned in the Baiji fire.

Source: AB

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