"SpaceX" He announces that he will not allow Ukraine to use the Starlink network to control drones.

On Wednesday, SpaceX announced that it had taken steps to prevent the Ukrainian military from using the company’s Starlink satellite Internet service to control parades.

SpaceX president Gwen Shotwell said during a conference in Washington that the Starlink satellite internet service that provided the Ukrainian military with broadband was “never intended to be used as a weapon…intended and was not” part of any agreement.

In subsequent statements to reporters, Shotwell cited reports that the Ukrainian military was using the Starlink service to control drones.

And she said, “There are things we can do to limit their capabilities,” referring to the use of Starlink to control drones, “and we have done that,” without disclosing the details of these measures.

Shotwell explained that the use of Starlink with the drones is outside the scope of SpaceX’s agreement with the Ukrainian government, adding that the contract was for humanitarian purposes such as providing broadband Internet access to hospitals, banks and families affected by the fighting.

She said: “We know that the army uses them for communication, and that’s fine … but we never intended to use them for offensive purposes.”

And SpaceX provided Ukraine with a large number of Starlink stations, which kept the Kyiv forces connected by connecting them to almost 4,000 satellites launched by SpaceX into low Earth orbit.

Source: Reuters.

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