South Korea. Police investigate Iraqi man who threw over $15,000 on Seoul street

South Korean officials said police were investigating an Iraqi man who scattered a large amount of dollars and euros on a street in northern Seoul and later told police that he had lost his money.

The Iraqi man, in his 30s, scattered a total of 22 million won ($16,930) in dollars, euros and Korean won on a street located in a residential area in Seoul’s Nun district, police said.

According to eyewitnesses, the man tried to hand over money to a passerby, saying, “I have a lot of money,” but the man refused to take it, so the Iraqi man began throwing bills around.

The man then left and later reported to the police that he had lost his money.

Police investigations found no evidence of a crime, and he tested negative for drugs, according to police.

“After confirming that the man is mentally unstable, the police are looking for members of his family or friends to hand him over,” a police spokesman said.

The official said that all the banknotes that the man had disposed of were seized and would be returned to him when he was handed over to relatives.

Source: Yonhap

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