South Africa. Man finds rare two-headed snake crawling in opposite directions (photo)

A man from Durban in Ndwidki, South Africa, discovered a rare two-headed snake crawling in opposite directions in his home garden.

And as I mentioned daily star The man immediately called in a snake-catching expert named Wrangler Nick Evans to make the strangest rescue of his career.

Luckily, the breed is completely harmless, but it must have been especially frightening that the snake had two heads.

According to snake hunter Evans, the man has absolutely nothing to worry about.

Speaking with site “IOL” The South African said: “I’m sure he was as surprised as I was.”

The snake hunter stated that the owner of the house, who found the two-headed snake, asked him not to kill it and move it to another place where it lives, adding: “It was very kind of him.”

He reported that the snake was partially deformed and only about 30 cm long, noting that its movement was interesting, since he said that the heads sometimes tried to go in opposite directions, and at other times one head rested against the other, and this seemed to be the most efficient way to move, he said.

“As far as I know, this strain doesn’t live long at all because it can barely move, and when it does, it’s very slow, and if it hatches in months or weeks and lives all this time, I would be really surprised” .

Source: British newspaper Daily Star.

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