Source: Some EU countries are unhappy and worried about the energy crisis

A source in the European Union said that the European Commission is under increasing criticism and is facing the concern of the EU countries because of the energy crisis and the need to make collective decisions on this issue.

“There is some internal criticism of how the Commission’s leadership is handling the energy crisis and there is growing concern among Member States, while some countries that are at odds with the current Commission leadership are also expressing their doubts.

Earlier, the President of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, called for the introduction of a price ceiling for Russian gas, and at the end of August she said that the European Commission was working on prompt and long-term measures to improve the situation against the backdrop of high electricity prices in the European Union, which mainly depend on the cost of “blue fuel” .

In a closing statement following last week’s meeting, the G7 finance ministers reaffirmed a plan to “price” Russian oil and ban the shipment of oil and petroleum products from Russia unless they were purchased at a specified price, and called for “all countries” to join. to the initiative.

Earlier, Deputy Prime Minister Alexander Novak said that Russia would not sell oil to countries that would become parties to an agreement on the forced limitation of prices for Russian oil.

Source: RIA Novosti

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