Source: Russian among those killed in Copenhagen shooting

Chief Inspector of Copenhagen Police Sjorn Thomassen said that among the victims of the shooting that occurred on Sunday in the shopping center of the city “Fields”, a Russian citizen lives in Denmark.

He said at a press conference today, Monday: “Among the dead were a 17-year-old Dane, a 17-year-old Dane and a 47-year-old man who has Russian citizenship and lives permanently in Denmark. 4 people. were wounded, two Danes and two Swedes.

Several people were slightly injured in the accident while escaping from the mall.

The official added that the suspect was known to psychiatrists, but did not explain when and under what circumstances he had previously sought medical help.

The investigation believes that the victims of the accident were accidental.

And the shooting took place on Sunday evening at the Filds shopping center in Copenhagen. And the security forces detained a 22-year-old Dane on the spot, who had a pistol and cartridges for it. For its part, Danish Radio reported that two days before the incident, the suspect had posted a video clip on social media showing him armed with two weapons, including a rifle. There is also a weapon cache in the background.

Source: TASS

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