Source of explosives used in Ukraine’s alleged terrorist operations revealed by Russian security service

Russia’s Federal Security Service said Ukrainian intelligence services were importing components for bombs used in their “terrorist” operations in Russia from Bulgaria via Turkey and Georgia.

The Russian security service explained that imported components were hidden inside electric heaters and stoves.

In a statement, the security service added: “Its crews managed to identify an international network organized by the Ukrainian special services, which passes through the territory of Turkey and Georgia to smuggle explosives and their components, through Bulgaria disguised inside electric stoves, and household items.”

The Governor of the Republic of Crimea, Sergei Aksyonov, said that the Russian special services stopped the activities of the intelligence network of the Military Intelligence of Ukraine, which planned to carry out a series of terrorist attacks in Crimea.

According to the information received, a number of citizens of Ukraine and a number of citizens of Russia took part in organizing the transportation of power tools stuffed with explosive components from Bulgaria to Russia.

After the electrical appliances were delivered to the territory of the Russian Federation, they were delivered to the places of preparation of terrorist acts with the help of the transport companies SDEK and Vovovoz.

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