Source: Armed Forces of Ukraine carried out massive missile strikes on Nova Kakhovka

The head of the administration of the Kherson region, Volodymyr Leontiev, said that Ukrainian forces were conducting an intense rocket attack on the city of Novaya Kakhovka in the region, adding that the air defense system prevented them from doing so.

In an interview with RIA Novosti, Leontiev said: “There were several missile strikes in the morning. The air defense system worked, but for half an hour we saw the fall of missiles in the city area. Now we are establishing everything that happened.”

Over the past week, Ukrainian forces have bombed Novaya Kakhovka twice. According to local authorities, rockets hit rock salt warehouses, damaged a hospital, residential buildings and other buildings.

Leontiev said at the time that as a result of the Ukrainian bombardment, two people were killed, another 7 people died and 90 were injured. Regional authorities have confirmed that the attack was carried out using US HIMARS missile systems. There is information in the Russian media that an American satellite photographed the city of Novaya Kakhovka 3 days before it was subjected to Ukrainian bombardment, as it was before the bombing of the Russian cities of Belgorod and Novoshakhtinsk and other Russian targets.

Source: RIA Novosti

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