Soon, Kim Jong-un’s sister promises to launch a spy satellite into orbit

Kim Yo-jong, sister of the North Korean leader and deputy department head of the ruling Workers’ Party’s Central Committee, confirmed that her country will continue efforts to launch the satellite and put it into orbit soon.

This comes after Pyongyang admitted on Wednesday that it had failed to launch a space rocket carrying a military reconnaissance satellite and that it fell into the sea due to a technical problem.

“We reaffirmed that the enemy’s greatest fear is that we have excellent tracking capabilities, including reconnaissance satellites, and therefore we understand that we need to put more effort into developing the capabilities,” said Kim Yo-jong, according to the report. North Korean Central News. Agency. Survey”.

She added that North Korea is aware of the “long-term nature” of the confrontation with the United States and the potential threats, and that while it will do its best to “comprehensively contain the war,” it will not stand on the sidelines like Washington.” continues to violate the sovereign rights of North Korea.

“No one can deny our sovereign right to launch a military reconnaissance satellite,” Kim said in a statement released by North Korea’s Central News Agency. “Launching a military reconnaissance satellite is North Korea’s right to self-defense.”

And she continued: “With all confidence, the military reconnaissance satellite will soon be accurately launched into space orbit to begin the mission assigned to it.”

She pointed out that “if the launch of our satellite is to be condemned, then the countries that have launched a total of thousands of satellites should be condemned, and that the accusations of the United States are nothing but contradictory sophistry.”

She added that the United States “is also filling the skies of the Korean Peninsula at this hour with many reconnaissance satellites and reconnaissance drones to monitor our movements and has no right to criticize our launch of a military reconnaissance satellite.”

She explained that “only condemning North Korea’s satellite launches as a violation of UN Security Council resolutions when others do so without hindrance” is a “usurping, unjust and grave” violation of North Korea’s sovereignty and right to space exploration.

The official stressed that North Korea is not interested in negotiating with the US and added: “We will continue to react in our own way until they realize that it is not profitable for them to continue their hostile policy towards North Korea.”

Source: Yonhap + TASS

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