Sons Of The Forest Is Proving to Be a Huge Hit Among Early Access Players

Sons of the Forest was made available on Steam yesterday in an early access condition. It generated astounding, almost unexpected numbers in the twenty-four hours after its introduction.

Sons Of The Forest_

Sons of the Forest reached a peak player count of 350,000 on Steam (at the time of writing). The peak concurrent player count for Grand Theft Auto V on Steam is over 360,000.

Sons of the Forest also broke the highest peak viewership on Twitch, surpassing Modern Warfare II, Escape From Tarkov, Apex Legends, and Overwatch 2.

Sons of the Forest sold over two million copies in just 24 hours.

Sons of Forest’s creator, Endnight Games, revealed a few weeks ago that the game would be released under early access to prevent delays or postponements. They said they would largely rely on the community to offer constructive criticism of the game and recognize that some sizable problems might exist.

Sons of the Forest, despite being available only on PC, has launched in astonishingly good shape and is attracting a tonne of players. Endnight Games, which at the time of The Forest’s development consisted of just a four-person team, has grown significantly since the game’s release in 2014.

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The company has expanded Sons of the Forest considerably beyond its predecessor thanks to this expansion, adding a far larger area, more intricate gameplay, and an AI companion system.

According to a report by Rock Paper Shotgun, Sons of Forest’s launch was so well-received, and so many gamers attempted to download it that it might have caused Steam’s launcher to crash.

Sons of the Forest is currently the most popular game on Steam, which is not surprising given the sales figures it is making. It’s the kind of game that will see a sharp decline in sales over the next several days, but Sons of the Forest and Endnight Games still have a phenomenal debut.

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