"sonatrach"Algeria committed to success of Sahara gas pipeline project

Algeria reiterated its commitment to the success of the “strategic project” of the trans-Saharan gas pipeline between Algeria, Niger and Nigeria during the tripartite meetings in Abuja.

The National Hydrocarbon Company (Sonatrach) said at a media briefing that a trilateral meeting between Algeria, Niger and Nigeria was held in the Nigerian capital of Abuja to “continue research on the trans-Saharan gas pipeline project.”

” to present the progress of the project committees and the implementation of the decisions made at the previous meeting, as well as to discuss the next steps to complete the project.

Sonatrach confirmed on its Facebook page that Algeria “is committed to the success of this strategic project by relying on the existing and future capabilities of Algeria’s hydrocarbon transportation network.”

She pointed out that the experience and capabilities of the complex “will give the project a strategic continental economic dimension, opening up promising prospects for the African continent, and expanding areas of cooperation between its countries, especially the countries through which this gas pipeline passes.”

And the Ministry of Energy and Mining said that Minister Arkab said in his speech at the tripartite meeting that the resumption of the Trans-Saharan Gas Pipeline (TSGP) project “enters a special geopolitical and energy context characterized by high demand for gas and oil. , on the one hand, and stagnant supply due to low investment, especially in oil and gas exploration.

Arkab added that the most important benefits of the project, “in addition to the economic and social development that this project will bring to the local population and various transit zones,” is that it “will also provide an opportunity to connect other countries such as Mali and Chad, and will also strengthen existing and new pipeline transport infrastructure.”

Source: RT

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