Somalia. The local minister and his son were killed in a mine explosion.

On Friday, public radio Mogadishu reported the killing of Hassan Ibrahim, Minister of Justice and Judicial Affairs of the southwestern state of Somalia, his son and another civilian in a mine explosion in the southwestern city of Baidoa.

According to state radio, as Ibrahim and his son left the mosque, a mine exploded, killing them.

She added that the explosion also killed one civilian and injured 10 others.

Although head of state Abdulaziz Mahmoud Hussein blamed the al-Shabaab movement for being responsible for the explosion, neither side claimed responsibility for it.

Three explosions occurred in southern Somalia on Wednesday, killing 22 people.

The explosions coincided with Prime Minister Hamza Abdi Berri’s announcement of his government’s intention to launch a security operation against al-Shabaab militants in villages and towns in the country’s south.

For many years, Somalia has been waging war against the Al-Shabaab armed movement, which was founded in early 2004 and is ideologically linked to Al-Qaeda, as it has taken over many terrorist operations that have claimed hundreds of lives.

Source: Anatolia

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