Sniper Elite 5 Update 1.06 Patch Notes Details are Out Now – June 28, 2022

Rebellion has released a new Update 1.06 for Among Us. The following is a detailed overview of all the changes, fixes, and improvements implemented in the recently released version of the game. the train Sniper Elite 5 Update 1.06 can now be downloaded, but the file size could vary depending on the platforms, including PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series S/X.

A new update has been released for Sniper Elite 5 Update 1.06. You can find out all the details of the Game Update, Bug Fixes, improvements, and Patch Notes below. The Sniper Elite 5 Update 1.06. Patch Notes are now available for download, for all platforms, including PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S/X, and PC. The file size may vary depending on the platform.


• Removed some input delay and softened the edges of the deadzone for ‘aiming’ input. This should result in better fine aiming control.
• Various fixes to prevent the player falling or hanging through the floor, or getting stuck in the ‘falling’ animation
• Fixed general collision issues allowing players to walk through some walls in varying locations
• Various fixes to players getting stuck on ladders
• Fixed an issue preventing camera control when a player enters Photo Mode with ironsights
• The free cam has now been restricted slightly in Photo Mode, to avoid exploits during Axis Invasions
• Fixed an issue incorrectly allowing weapon scroll when using a mounted machine gun
• Med Kits will now work as expected on application
• The Precision Machines Receiver attachment will now correctly reduce speed rather than increase it
• The Austen Control Grip will now improve recoil recovery as expected
• Jeff Sullivan’s equipment will now appear as expected when selecting him as a playable character
• ‘Show Off’ and ‘Saboteur’ Medals should now unlock correctly
• Machine Gunners will no longer t-pose when shot
• Player can no longer equip weapons or binoculars when using a mounted machine gun
• Dead enemies hidden in crates no longer continue to move
• Player is no longer able to hide underwater in the Landing Zone Multiplayer map
• Grenades will no longer get stuck to the player’s hand when attempting to throw them
• Grenade arcs will no longer disappear unexpectedly
• Fixed an issue impacting the ability to use the Grenade hotkey
• Fixed an issue causing Herr Grunberg’s name to display incorrectly when looking at them through the binoculars
• The overpressure magazine now correctly lists ‘Increase Bullet Drop’ as a con
• Enemy AI will no longer disappear from the map when a cut scene gets triggered
• Booby-trapped bodies will now explode as expected
• Fixed an issue causing Flare Guns to slow down movement
• Players will no longer be able to obtain the Authentic Trophy by exploiting the ability to change difficulties in the pause menu
• Fixed an issue causing an inability to drop dead bodies on pick-up
• Fixed an issue causing AI to get caught in a consistent investigation loop
• Fruit boxes will no longer levitate or appear to multiply unexpectedly
• Fixed an issue in Survival Mode causing the crew in armoured vehicles to remain alive after the vehicle’s destruction, halting progression onto the next wave.
• Fixed an issue stopping the Satchel Charge from unlocking on completion of the campaign
• Fixed an issue causing a game crash when already exiting
• Fixed an issue some players were experiencing where Axis soldiers would get suck crouched in mid-air
• Fixed an issue causing birds to get stuck in place
• Fixed an issue causing wind to be disabled incorrectly in Campaign/Survival
• The trigger volume for Mines has now been increased to ensure they activate in range, regardless of human or vehicle targets
• Fixed an animation glitch causing an AI soldier to get off his bike after being shot, despite being dead
• Fixed an issue causing headlights to turn on and off based on the player’s proximity
• Microphone volume will no longer automatically return to 100% each time a player returns to game
• Additional minor bug fixes and improvements

Mission 1:

• The enemy at the boathouse will now spawn correctly so players can retrieve the key and proceed to the next section of the map
• Marcel’s key will now correctly unlock the floorboard after retrieving it from the building’s Attic
• Fixed an issue causing the chandelier to activate twice if shot and then activated via the lever
• Fixed a bug stopping some players from unlocking the Karabiner 98 after killing Freidrich with a chandelier
• Fixed a bug causing the ending cut scene to play too early for some players
• The Beach Defences collectible item will now appear correctly
• The kill list target Steffen Beckendorf’s vehicle will no longer disappear

Mission 4:

• Fixed an issue halting progression after sabotaging the Smelting Vat by pulling the lever
• Fixed an issue stopping some players from being able to sabotage the crane by pressing the switch
• Players will now be able to exfiltrate Mission 4 as expected
• Fixed an issue stopping players from being able to enter the building via the vent
• Fixed an issue causing irregular movement when walking down the stairs in Mission 4
• Fixed a bug stopping players from being able to enter via the roof hatch to obtain the collectible item
• Fixed an issue causing the mission to end too early when entering the building near the kill list target

Mission 5:

• The objective to bury Lanzo Baumann in concrete will now complete as expected on completion
• Specific to Xbox players, in Mission 5 players are now able to interact and destroy the radio with the crowbar as expected

Mission 6:

• Fixed an issue causing some irregular movement of the kill list target Jaan Trautmann
• The 222 tank will now spawn as expected

Mission 7:

• Fixed an issue stopping the Kill List reward, the RSC1918, from unlocking after the V2 rocket has been dropped onto Dr Jungers.
• Fixed an issue causing irregular movement on ladders in Mission 7 which sometimes resulted in players getting stuck
• Fixed an issue causing a box to float

Mission 8:

• Fixed an issue causing enemies to be appear invisible in the hangar

Mission 10 (Target Führer DLC):
• Fixed an issue impacting the ability to pick up a crowbar
• Hitler will now acknowledge the player as expected during a gun fight
• Specific to Xbox players, in Mission 10 the tower will fall as expected once the cables are sabotaged with the bolt cutters


• FoV Slider: Adjust the FoV between 60-120. Limited to PC only.
• Toggle Stealth Highlight: Remove the outline around the player when in stealth foliage. Found in the Difficulty Customisation setting “Greatly Reduced HUD”.
• Pan Map with Keyboard: Map can now be panned on Keyboard using the arrow keys.
• Auto Run: When enabled, press the traversal button to toggle auto run. Karl will run forwards and you can adjust direction and state (walk, crouch, prone, sprint).
• Auto Traversal: When enabled, Karl will automatically traverse small obstacles when walking or sprinting.
• Auto Climb: When enabled, Karl will automatically climb in the direction you push.
• Toggle Aim: When enabled, aim can be toggled on and off using a press of the aim key.*
• Toggle Radial Menu: When enabled, the radial menu can be toggled on and off using a press of the inventory button.

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