Smugglers with 225 kilograms of gold detained at Vnukovo airport

The Russian Customs Department announced the arrest of 6 smugglers at Vnukovo Airport, west of the capital, Moscow, with 225 kilograms of gold that they intended to smuggle to the UAE.

According to the Russian Customs Department, the value of the confiscated gold is estimated at 800 million rubles (60 rubles in dollars).

“Customs officials prevented the smuggling of gold bars worth 800 million rubles into the United Arab Emirates, and 225 kg of gold and 6 people were detained at Vnukovo airport,” the report says.

The customs department said the smugglers split into two groups to smuggle 45 bars, adding that the first flight was bound for Yerevan, and the choice of this destination is not accidental, since Armenia is a member of the Eurasian Economic Union, and customs control does not apply to passengers.

She added that the second group was heading to Dubai as tourists who passed through the customs control area with empty hand luggage.

She explained that after all the checks, the smugglers met in the neutral zone of the airport, exchanged bags and were about to board the plane before they were detained.

Source: RIA Novosti

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