Sisi decided to support the Egyptians

Egyptian President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi has decided to increase exceptional card support for needy families to £300 instead of £100.

The Egyptian President has led the preparation of a social safety net campaign that will reach one million families over the course of September next year, and the Egyptian President has also directed support for the tuition fees of students applying for admission to public universities by paying a percentage of these costs to the State, as well as providing additional support for an initiative to end critical surgery waiting lists. With £600 million, the president also directed that doctors be provided with stimulus packages and raise their incomes, as well as change the entire system of prescribing doctors.

The President’s response to political demands did not stop there as £32bn was pumped into the bread subsidy system, in addition to increasing the number of families covered by the Solidarity and Dignity Cash Aid from 4.1m families to 5m. families, which means that it includes about 22 million Egyptian citizens, including more than 900,000 families who will benefit from the conditional cash support program.

The exemption from social protection, which the President has ordered to introduce, will come into force tomorrow, the first of September, and will benefit almost a quarter of the Egyptian people.

Source: Cairo 24

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