Sims 5 Playtests Will Start on October 25

Sims 5 Playtests Will Start on October 25

According to sources, the Playtests for The Sims 5 will begin on October 25. Several people have sent emails and pictures indicating that playtesting for Sims 5, also known as Project Rene, will start the following week, on October 25.


The full email reads:

Sign up for the Playtest!


Maxis has been putting a lot of effort into creating new features for The Sims. You are respectfully invited to try out a pre-alpha version of Project Rene. We want to give you the best experience possible, so we’re eager to hear your thoughts and receive your feedback.

These will mainly focus on “Workshop,” our new object customization tool. You can personalize items to use as apartment decoration with this tool. We invite you to download other players’ creations and share your own. Remember that you can play with your friends if you want to take advantage of everything this playtest offers!

Please note that this early experience is only one aspect of what Project Rene will grow to be.

We advise you to participate in sessions with your friends and/or to join the private playtest Discord (invitation to come). You have the right to ask up to 3 friends who are not already members of the Community Playtesting program to participate in this playtest. The registration form contains further guidelines and information.

To sign up for EA Playtesting, visit our “How to become a Playtester” page, which includes all the information you need about location, compensation, website links, and more. You can also go straight to the EA Playtesting website.

Project Rene is somewhat covered in mystery, with EA not revealing much about what the game has to offer.

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