Simeone is embarrassed by the photo he had to delete

Argentine coach Diego Simeone, coach of Spanish club Atlético Madrid, was embarrassed after a photo of him with his son while playing chess caused him to delete it from his social media accounts.

A photo of Simeone playing chess with his son Giovanni, a player of the Italian team Hellas Verona, circulated a few days ago, but followers noticed something strange in this picture.

Simeone commented on the photo at the time: “We are Simeone on our summer vacation, Cholo (Diego) and Gio (Giovanni) in a confrontation that requires a lot of concentration.”

But the picture did not go unnoticed by some observers, who noticed that Simeone’s chess pieces missed the king, knowing that the rules of the game stipulate that a game that reaches the “king” wins before its opponent.

The image, which was later removed, caused the Atlético Madrid coach to receive a flurry of criticism and ridicule from the media and social media followers until it reached the International Chess Federation.

According to Britain’s Sport Bible, the International Chess Federation commented sarcastically on the photo: “When they return to Madrid, we are ready to welcome them to the Aspiring Chess Tournament and also invite them to the Candidates Tournament in 2022. currently taking place in the city.

The site added: “We don’t want to predict or know what game Simeone is playing, but it’s not chess that we know anyway.”

Social media followers, in turn, ridiculed Simeone, with one commenting: “The king hid under the table, then stopped the bus in the best possible way, referring to the defensive method in which the Argentine coach plays big matches, like in the Spanish league as well as in the Champions League.

Another wrote: “This is not strange behavior for a man who plays football without an attacker, and a third ironically:” He figured out a way not to lose at chess.

A fourth tweeted: “He tried to prove he was a deep thinker by playing chess who had forgotten the most important rules of the game.”

The coach, who took over as Atlético Madrid coach in December 2011, is currently spending his summer holidays with his family in the Maldives.

Simeone led the Roji Blancos in 581 matches, winning 342 of them, drawing 135 times and losing 104 matches.

With the Spanish team, he won eight titles, twice the Spanish League, the Europa League, the European Super Cup and one championship each in the Copa del Rey and the Spanish Super Cup.

He also reached the Champions League final with the team twice, both times losing to arch-rivals Real Madrid in the 2013–2014 and 2015–2016 seasons.

Source: sportbible

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