Signing of an agreement worth 17 million dinars between two Jordanian and Saudi companies on the sidelines of the visit of Mohammed bin Salman

Indo-Jordanian Chemicals Company, owned by Jordan Phosphate Mines Company, has signed an agreement with Saudi Kimian to supply 30,000 tons of high quality concentrated phosphoric acid.

The agreement was signed as a result of the activities of the Jordanian-Saudi business forum, which was held on Tuesday in Amman on the occasion of the visit of the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, Mohammed bin Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, to the Kingdom.

The agreement is valued at around JD 17 million, under which the Indo-Jordan Chemical Company will supply the Saudi company with agreed quantities from next August until the end of April 2023, on the condition that those quantities double in the coming years.

Ali Al-Ababneh, CEO of Indo-Jordanian Chemicals Company, stressed the importance of this partnership, which helps strengthen the cooperative relationship between the two countries.

Al-Ababneh pointed out that Jordan Phosphate Mines Company and its subsidiaries and affiliates annually produce about one million 100,000 tons of phosphoric acid, noting that more than 70% of this production is exported to the world market, while the rest is used locally for the production of fertilizers. .

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