Shocking drought report this year: Worst in 500 years

The Nikkei newspaper cited data from the international insurance company ON that the global damage from drought in many countries of the planet for the first half of the year amounted to at least $13.2 billion.

Experts say the European Union is now suffering from the worst drought in five hundred years, with drought raging across the US west, Pakistan and China.

In China, due to the shallow water of the rivers, electricity generation at a number of hydroelectric power plants has decreased by about 40%, and in Sichuan province, assembly production of Toyota Motor Corporation has been temporarily suspended due to this reason.

Last June, specialists from the Japan National Institute for Environmental Research and the University of Tokyo published a report confirming that by the middle of this century, summer drought will not be the exception, but rather the rule in many regions, including the Mediterranean coast and much of America.

Source: TASS

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