Shinzo Abe’s killer reveals his motives

Japanese media reports that the man who shot former Prime Minister Shinzo Abe spoke about what prompted him to carry out the attack during police questioning.

Japan’s NHK reported that defendant Tatsuya Yamagami told police that Abe belonged to a group of people whose business with the Yamagami family was in financial trouble.

“My mother was drawn into this group, and she made a huge donation to her, because of which the life of our family worsened,” the channel quotes Yamagami.

He did not say which “group of people” he was talking about.

The Japanese Nara Prefectural Police, which is investigating the case, declined to comment, saying it was in the interests of the investigation.

Tatsuya Yamagami, 41, reportedly shot dead former Prime Minister Shinzo Abe on Friday morning as he addressed his supporters on the street. Abe died the same day from his injuries.

Source: TASS

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