She may be the second female president of her country. A woman from an ethnic minority is most likely to win the presidential election in India.

A woman belonging to India’s ruling party is expected to win the country’s presidency in an election launched by parliament today, with the results likely to be announced next Thursday.

Draupadi Murmo’s victory is a formality, as the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has enough seats in federal and state assemblies to support its preferred candidate.

Mormo is also likely to receive support from other regional parties in state assemblies.

If elected, a Mormo from the Santal ethnic minority will become the country’s first tribal leader and the second woman to hold the post in India.

Candidate Mormo was presented as a leader representing poor tribal communities who generally do not have access to medical and educational facilities in remote villages.

Murmo, 64, is from Odisha and was previously governor of the state of Jharkhand.

In India, the president chooses an electoral college composed of representatives of both houses of parliament and elected members of the legislatures of all states.

The role of the president in India is largely ceremonial, but the position can be important in times of political uncertainty, such as when parliament is suspended when the president assumes more power.

Source: Associated Press

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