Shakira T-shirt embarrasses Pique

Spanish newspaper Marca reported that Shakira could be the second artist to have his name or logo on a Barcelona jersey as part of a sponsorship deal between the Catalan club and Swedish international company Spotify.

Barcelona defender Gerard Piqué will find himself in a difficult position in the coming period as he will have to wear his team’s jersey bearing the name of international Colombian singer Shakira, his former partner and mother of his children.

The newspaper writes that this will happen after the breakup of the Colombian singer and defender Gerard Piqué, which made a splash in the media a few months ago.

In the last clasico, the Barcelona players wore T-shirts with the Owl logo and OVO (October Free, Owen), the brand of Canadian singer Drake, in honor of the Spotify song streaming platform, the tournament’s official sponsor. Blaugrana with 50 billion views of his songs.

And while all of this is happening, Shakira is set to release her new song “Monotonia,” which many believe is based on her relationship with Pique, according to a Spanish newspaper.

And the lyrics of the song read: “They warned me not to stay with you, but I did not listen to them. I realized that your story was a lie. It was a drop that overflowed from a bottle, I congratulate you on your life, your life is good.”

She adds: “You and I did the same thing, we were partners in selfishness, we forgot who we once were, and best of all, it wasn’t your fault or mine, it was the fault of the routine.”

Puerto Rican singer Ozuna performs this song with Shakira.

No date has been set for the Shakira shirt move, but it will most likely be during one of the matches of the current 2022-2023 season, just like in the Coldplay ad.

And posted on social networks a lot of photos of how Shakira’s advertisement could look on a T-shirt.

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