Shakira Presents "generous" Piqué has settled the terms of the divorce

Spanish media reported that famous Colombian singer Shakira made a generous offer to her ex-boyfriend, Barcelona defender Gerard Pique, to settle the terms of their separation.

Piqué and Shakira announced their divorce a few weeks ago after 12 years of marriage and two children.

And the Marcha newspaper reported that Shakira made a generous offer to Pique to settle the terms of their breakup, but the Spanish player turned down the offer as his legal team is working on a counteroffer.

According to the publication, Shakira offered to take full responsibility for their two children, Sasha and Milan, who, according to her plan, will move to live with her in Miami, USA, and not in Barcelona.

According to the offer, Piqué would not bear any financial responsibility for the two children, in fact, Shakira would even pay him first class travel to Miami five times a year to visit his two children.

In addition to these five visits, the Colombian singer invited the children to spend the summer with their father.

The most exciting part of Shakira’s offer is her offer to pay off 20 percent of Piqué’s $2.5 million debt due to legal issues in Spain.

So far, Piqué has turned down the offer, as he is also working to secure legal custody of his two children.

Shakira and Pique broke up after the Colombian singer discovered that Pique had cheated on her with a twenty-year-old girl who was reported to be a flight attendant as her identity was not revealed.

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