Serious fines await “Barcelona” and “Paris Saint-Germain” from the European Union.

The UEFA European Football Association is preparing to impose a package of sanctions against some clubs led by Paris Saint-Germain and Barcelona for violating financial fair play laws.

And the British newspaper The Times said that 10 clubs are currently being investigated by UEFA and if they are found to be violating financial fair play laws for the 2020-2021 season, a fine will be imposed. imposed on them.

The newspaper indicated in its report that the financial fair play laws imposed by the European Union do not allow a club to record financial losses of more than 30 million euros over 3 years, but clubs will be counted due to the Corona virus. pandemics, if the losses are reasonable.

The report added that the sanctions that UEFA will impose on clubs such as Paris Saint-Germain, Barcelona and Juventus will take the form of financial penalties.

UEFA will negotiate with the violating clubs to reach an agreement on the imposition of a fine, and if an agreement is not reached, the European Football Association may apply unilateral sanctions, up to and including exclusion from participation in the Champions League.

Barcelona and Juventus are most afraid of these sanctions, since the relations between the two clubs with UEFA are very strained due to the European Super League project, and therefore it will not be easy to agree on the amount of the financial penalty.

This season will be the last under current FFP rules, and from next year the European Union will introduce a new financial fair play system whereby clubs will be limited to spending a percentage of their income on player salaries, transfers and agent commissions.

The maximum will be 90% in 2023, 80% in 2024 and will decrease to 70% from 2025.

Club finances will be reviewed at various times throughout the year while they are in European competition.

Source: “Agency”

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