Serie A. Fatal mistake decides the capital derby of Rome in favor of Lazio

Lazio emerged victorious from the capital’s derby and edged out neighboring Roma to become third on goal difference against Atalanta thanks to a fatal mistake that gave them a 1-0 victory on Sunday in the 13th stage of the Italian league.

Lazio owes this victory to Roma defender Roger Ibanis da Silva, who made a fatal mistake and lost the ball, which was intercepted by his compatriot Felipe Anderson on the 29th minute on the way to Portuguese goalkeeper Rui Patricio.

With their first victory since April 2017 in a match played on the territory of their neighbor, with whom they share an Olympic stadium, Lazio are back on the winning track after losing in the last stage between their supporters against Salernitana (1:3). ) and then at Feyenoord Rotterdam in the Dutch Europa League (0-1) to raise their score to 27 points and third in the league, with a goal difference against Atalanta, who lost on Saturday, against the leaders ” Napoli (1:2) and two points against the fifth Roma, which suffered their fourth defeat of the season.

After this defeat, Roma could find themselves in sixth place if Inter draw or win (24 points) against their hosts and rivals Juventus later on Sunday.

Source: agencies

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