Sergio Ramos Returns to Sevilla: Veteran Spanish Defender Signs Agreement with Former Club

Veteran Spanish Defender Sergio Ramos Returns to Sevilla

Veteran Spanish defender Sergio Ramos expressed his joy at returning to Sevilla on Monday, confirming press reports that he had reached an agreement to join his former Andalusian team.

Ramos, whose contract with Paris Saint-Germain expired on June 30, said: “This is a special day. Returning home is always full of happiness. Now we have to undergo a medical examination.”

Sergio Ramos’ Arrival in Seville

“I’m happy to be back and will try to join the team as soon as possible,” added the 37-year-old, who played for Sevilla in the 2004-2005 season before moving to his former team Real Madrid, where he has won the Champions League four times.

According to local newspapers, Ramos chose to return to Sevilla rather than receive a better financial offer from Saudi League champion Ittihad Jeddah last season.

And the website BeFootball stated that Ramos would receive an annual salary with Sevilla of no more than 1 million euros, knowing that the veteran defender received an offer from the Jeddah Federation, which included an annual salary of 20 million euros, and another offer from Turkey worth 11 million euros per season.

Sevilla are in last place in the Spanish league after four rounds but will play in the Champions League as they are placed in the second group along with Arsenal, Eindhoven, and France’s Lens.

And last season, Sevilla became the champion of the Europa League (Europa League).

Source: BeFootball + Agencies

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