Serbian interior minister: Ukraine received EU candidate status only because of conflict with Russia

Serbian Interior Minister Alexander Vulin said on Friday that Ukraine, which does not meet the necessary European standards, received the status of an EU candidate only because of the conflict with Russia.

“The European Union has decided to stop claiming that there are uniform rules for everyone who wants to join this organization. Ukraine has become a candidate for accession (to the European Union), despite the fact that it does not meet the criteria that are carefully applied to other countries,” he said. quotes the platform “Hello” of the Balkans.

“Kyiv has gone through several decades of pressure, blackmail and bureaucracy, it has not had to fight corruption, meet standards in the field of justice or carry out economic reforms,” the minister added.

According to him, “in order to obtain this status, Kyiv only needs to enter into a conflict with Russia.”

On Thursday, the European Union summit decided to grant Ukraine and Moldova candidate status for membership in the European Union. The decision of the summit must be officially approved by the European Parliament.

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