Senator Robert Menendez Vows to Remain in Senate Amid Bribery and Extortion Charges

Sen. Robert Menendez Vows to Remain in the Senate Amid Federal Charges


Sen. Robert Menendez, a Democrat from New Jersey, announced on Friday that he will continue serving in the Senate while he fights federal charges of bribery and extortion. This is the second time Menendez has faced allegations of corruption as a sitting senator.

Menendez, who currently chairs the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, holds a significant position in Congress. However, according to Democratic caucus rules, any committee chair “who is charged with a felony shall immediately step aside.”

Although Menendez plans to relinquish his committee chairmanship during the prosecution, he intends to retain his seat in Congress.

“I remain focused on continuing this important work and will not be distracted by baseless allegations,” Menendez stated.

The Charges

Menendez and his wife, Nadine Menendez, have been indicted on three criminal counts each after a lengthy federal investigation. They are accused of accepting various forms of bribes in exchange for Menendez using his power and influence to protect and benefit three business associates from New Jersey.

The bribes allegedly included cash, gold, mortgage payments, compensation for a job with little to no work, a luxury vehicle, and other valuable items.

Menendez’s Response

In response to the charges, Menendez has taken a defiant stance and accused prosecutors of distorting the normal activities of a Congressional office. He also defended his wife against allegations, stating that she had long-standing friendships that were being attacked.

Menendez argues that what prosecutors claim are bribes were actually personal friendships and typical work for a U.S. senator. This defense strategy was previously successful when Menendez faced similar corruption charges in 2015, resulting in a mistrial.

Menendez firmly believes that prosecutors are repeating the same unsuccessful tactics from the past. “The facts are not as presented” in the indictment, he declared. “Prosecutors did that the last time, and look what a trial demonstrates.”


This is an ongoing story, and updates will be provided as new information becomes available.

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