Senator Robert Menendez Temporarily Steps Down as Chairman of Foreign Relations Committee Amid Corruption Investigation: US Senate Democratic Leader Chuck Schumer

Senator Robert Menendez Steps Down as Chairman of Foreign Relations Committee

US Senate Democratic leader Chuck Schumer announced that Senator Robert Menendez, accused of corruption and working for Egypt, will temporarily step down as chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee.

Schumer explained that Menendez decided to leave his post as chairman of the committee until the investigation into him is completed.

Commitment to Serving the American Public

Schumer stressed that his party colleague “has always been committed to serving the American public and enjoying the right to a fair trial.”

Corruption Charges and Bribery Allegations

It is noteworthy that the US Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of New York has charged Senator Robert Menendez and his wife Nadine with corruption and accepting bribes in exchange for working for Egypt in the field of military aid and arms sales.

During a search of his home, a large amount of gold and more than $550,000 in cash were discovered.

Denial of Charges

It should be noted that Senator Menendez rejected the charges brought against him, calling them “false,” and considered that the prosecutor’s office “wrongly interpreted normal parliamentary work.”

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