Senator calls for FBI director’s prosecution for withholding information on Biden’s alleged bribery involvement

The head of the US House of Representatives Oversight Committee, James Comer, said he was preparing a bill to file a lawsuit against the director of the FBI for refusing to disclose data on the possible involvement of US President Joe Biden in bribery.

He tweeted: “I am in the process of drafting a bill to hold FBI Director Christopher Ray accountable for contempt of Congress… The Committee will vote on this next week if the FBI continues to ignore my legitimate request. .”

He also confirmed that the FBI is not above Congress, and therefore has no right to ignore the requests of its members, explaining: “The FBI is not above Congress.”

In early May 2023, members of Congress requested data from the FBI on alleged foreign bribery of Biden during his tenure as vice president.

At the same time, relevant requests were sent to Attorney General Merrick Garlind and FBI Director Christopher Ray.

The FBI clarified the existence of the documents requested by Congress, and Comer said the agency refused to turn them over to the House of Representatives, instead offering to let lawmakers see them in person at the agency’s headquarters.

The congressman also stressed that he insists on the transfer of documents and permission to familiarize them, threatening otherwise to charge the director of the FBI with contempt of Congress.

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