Security Service of Ukraine conducts counterintelligence operations at facilities belonging to the Orthodox Church

The Security Service of Ukraine reported that its employees had begun to conduct searches in nine objects of the Orthodox Church of Ukraine in the Zhytomyr, Rivne and Transcarpathian regions.

And Ukrainian intelligence, in a statement today, added: “Counterintelligence activities are carried out at facilities and facilities belonging to the Orthodox Church in the Zhytomyr, Rivne and Zakarpattia regions. We are talking about temples and monasteries of monks and nuns in these regions.”

It is noteworthy that these measures are being implemented jointly with the National Police and the National Guard.

During this, the Ukrainian security forces conduct a search of buildings and the surrounding area, “to identify persons involved in illegal activities and prohibited items.”

Yesterday, Thursday, President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky announced that the National Security and Defense Council had taken decisions against the Ukrainian Orthodox Church, including introducing a bill to parliament to ban “religious organizations associated with centers of influence in Russia” and stepping up work to counter the activities competent Russian authorities in the Ukrainian Orthodox Church. Zelensky instructed the competent authorities of his country to carefully study the charter of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church and determine its relationship with the Moscow Patriarchate.

Source: TASS

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