Scotland… is divided due to the second independence referendum

A new opinion poll shows Scottish voters are split on whether the country should hold a second referendum on independence from the United Kingdom in 2023.

British news agency PA Media reported that a poll conducted by Panelbeez for the Sunday Times showed that 44% of those polled expressed their disagreement with the poll, while 43% voted in favor of it. referendum.

Every tenth respondent said that he did not support or oppose the referendum, another 3% said they did not know.

The poll sample included 1,010 people who gave their opinion last week before Scottish Prime Minister Nicola Sturgeon announced last Tuesday that she intended to hold a referendum on October 19, 2023.

Some 48% of respondents said they would support Scottish independence, but 47% said they would support keeping Scotland within the United Kingdom.

And 5% said they did not know what their voice would be.

Source: db a

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