Schultz: Sanctions against Russia are bearing fruit and will last for a long time

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz told Foreign Affairs that sanctions against Russia are bearing fruit and will continue for a long time to come.

Schultz added that the European Union and NATO are stronger than ever before and that the sanctions imposed on Moscow prove it, and that Russian President Vladimir Putin was wrong when he thought the Ukraine crisis would cause a rift between his rivals.

He stressed that Russia’s sanctions will not be lifted as long as it continues to dictate its terms of peace, and that the West will defend NATO lands mercilessly.

And the Russian Ministry of Economy has previously stated that the Russian economy is quickly adapting to new changes, that Russia is used to coexisting with crises and has developed its own mechanisms to deal with the sanctions that it has faced since 2014.

For its part, the Russian Foreign Ministry has repeatedly stated that Moscow does not threaten anyone and is open to negotiations with NATO, but on the principles of equality and mutual respect, provided that NATO abandons the policy of expansion towards Russia.

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