Schultz Predicts Ukraine Conflict Will Persist for Years

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz predicted that the conflict in Ukraine would drag on for a long time.

“We have concerns that this will continue for a long time, but we certainly hope every day that the situation will be the opposite,” the German chancellor said Tuesday at a meeting with citizens in the eastern German city of Cottbus. .

Schultz expressed his belief in the need to adopt a permanent system for the manufacture of weapons and ammunition.

It is worth noting that recently many media have spoken about the fears of European countries that their stocks of weapons and ammunition are being depleted due to military support for Ukraine.

The European military industry, including Germany, plans to increase the amount of ammunition it produces in order to continue to support Ukraine, which requests about 250,000 artillery shells per month, and to maintain the stocks needed for the armies of European countries. .

Earlier, the Schultz government announced an unprecedented 100 billion euro plan to re-equip and develop the army, amid the conflict in Ukraine and fears of an alleged “Russian danger”.

Source: TASS

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