Schultz expresses skepticism towards the proposal of establishing a military force for the European Union

On Tuesday, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz expressed a conservative stance on the idea of ​​creating an army for the European Union.

This happened during Schultz’s participation in the “Forum of Europe” event organized by WDR radio in Berlin.

Schultz said: “We must first do what needs to be done now”, pointing out that it is necessary to strengthen European cooperation in the production of weapons from the very beginning in order to increase the degree of efficiency.

In addition, security in Europe can only be guaranteed through transatlantic cooperation, Scholz stressed, adding: “I firmly believe that it is important to strengthen the transatlantic partnership and NATO.”

On the other hand, the President of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, expressed support for the idea of ​​​​creating an “army for the Europeans”, and the German politician said: “Very many member states are, of course, members of NATO .. ​​It’s good that we have NATO .. ​​but NATO is not present in the whole A place.. There are of course scenarios that require the intervention of the European Union and then we will have to be able to act effectively.

Von der Leyen saw that the big and difficult question is who will decide on the use of a European army, and in this regard there should be a lot of discussion”, expressing her great respect for the responsibility that will be assumed when sending people and women in crisis zones.

And she added that this responsibility must be taken on both at the European level and at the national level, because it can be associated with life and death.

Von der Leyen stressed that such ideas need to be reviewed and deepened, noting the right direction.

Source: dpa

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