Schultz: Europe carefully prepares for complex challenges related to energy imports from Russia

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz considered that Europe is carefully preparing for the difficult challenges associated with importing energy from Russia, amid fears of cutting off Russian gas supplies via Nord Stream.

The German chancellor told reporters on the sidelines of his participation in the EU summit in Brussels: “All of us (the countries of Europe) are fully prepared to face the big problems associated with the import of fossil resources from Russia. That is why we have imposed sanctions on coal and oil and taken other measures to develop our infrastructure so that we can get gas from other countries.

The German chancellor added that efforts to find alternatives to Russian gas “should be intensified.”

The Minister of Economy and Climate Protection of Germany, Robert Habek, indicated that in the event of a shortage of gas in Germany, a number of industries would have to stop working.

Natural gas deliveries from Russia to European countries were reduced by Nord Stream in mid-June due to technical problems, as Canada refused to return gas turbines to Russia after their maintenance under the pretext of sanctions imposed on Moscow.

Source: RIA Novosti

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